Friday, 13 November 2015

Vuntut 12

Over the past year we have developed five new boat models the first of which was the Vuntut 12 which is a pack canoe designed to be propelled by a double paddle. As soon as it was launched it proved to be a great boat to paddle with the result that it was my choice of boat over the summer, that is until someone else came to the same conclusion and as a result the prototype was sold before the summer was over.

The name of the boat is a Gwitchin word that means among the lakes which seemed very appropriate for a boat made to journey. The boat has enough capacity to allow most paddlers to head out with a pack and allow them to get away from it all.

The boat is constructed using cedar strips over molds placed on a strong back with a laminated stem and stern.

There are a number of options when it comes to glassing the boat, the standard option is to build it using a 6 oz. exterior cloth and a 4 oz interior cloth sheathing, the second option is 6 oz. both inside and out.  The third option is to use the same build as the prototype which was 6 oz. carbon twill inside and 6 oz e-glass outside, the first option listed comes standard with the kit. The carbon was done as an experiment rather than a necessity as a test looking forward to other possible lighter builds in the future.

One of the great advantages of a pack canoe is portability, when portaging this canoe during its trials I could simply put the boat over my shoulder my pack on my back and set out down the trail.

For plans, or complete boats contact us and for kits you can contact either us or Noah’s Marine.

At the present time we have begun the build of a 10’ version of the canoe.

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