Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Massasauga 12

The Massasauga 12 is a hybrid design in that it has a stitch and glue type hull with a single chine and a cedar strip deck. The boat has more beam than many of our other designs of this length to allow for more capacity to help more paddlers fit the deck has more camber than the boats with a plywood deck. The shorter length allows more versatility when it comes to storage but with enough capacity to allow for short trips.

The hull is constructed using the boats bulkheads to help form the hull shape while the panels are stitched and glued together, the hull with the bulkheads is then used a mold for the construction of the deck. The use of a cedar strip deck allows for more individuality in the construction of the boat as well as being a simple method to increase the leg room in the cockpit of the boat. This method of construction also allows you to build a boat that is a little more special than an all plywood model.

The capacity listed on the flyer is as noted at the 3” (75mm) waterline, which is the waterline shown in the sections behind the boats data. As is our practice included in the data is the PPI number which is the pounds per inch immersion which is the weight required to sink the boat one inch deeper in the water from the designed waterline this will give you an idea of what will happen with the boat when you load it with gear and if you are a heavier or lighter than the capacity listed.

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