Monday, 8 July 2013

Miracle Fibre W

Spent the past weekend at the ACBS (Antique and Classic Boat Society) show in Gravenhurst, Ontario, we of course where there with our line of kayaks as many of those who have gathered there are people with a love of both the water and in spending time on the water in wooden boats. While I do not get to spend much time looking around at the boats due to having to man the booth, I did get a few moments to sneak over to the shore and watch a few of the boats run (we have posted a few pictures over on our facebook page). This was made easier by the fact that often when a new group of boats came out and went thundering past most everyone headed for the waterfront no matter what they had been doing
Some of the boats that where gathered there where famous such as Miss Canada or Miss Supertest, there where others such as the Sea Fleas that belonged to people who just want to go out and play on the water, but at a much faster pace then some of us are looking for. In addition to the race boats there where many others that are beautiful examples of the many different models that where built in the Muskoka’s over the years.

These boats may all be constructed using different techniques, they may all have very different purposes but they all have one thing in common they all are made of what has been referred to as the original miracle fibre, wood.  We may all get on the water for different reasons, but there is nothing like doing it in a craft constructed of the miracle fibre.

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